5 Fat Sausages

5 FAT SAUSAGES - Laminated props (basic)


Included in a plastic wallet are the following resources - ideal for a limited budget :

A4 sized song word sheet, large frying pan and 5 numbered sausages





5 FAT SAUSAGES - Laminated props (bargain)

5 FAT SAUSAGES - Bargain

Included in the set is a plastic wallet and storage sack for the following resources:

A4 sized song words using sassoon infant font, a frying pan and 5 individual sausages which are numbered 1-5. A real frying pan and 5 hand knitted OR plastic sausages. 5 A5 sized laminated sausages for the children to hold up whilst singing the song - promotes a multi-sensory approach to learning. 5 A5 sized numerals 0-5 (which could be used for display or hung up on a washing line)


A resource booklet of activities linked to the 0-3 matters framework and the foundation stage curriculum, recipes for vegetarian sausages and 'sausage' play dough!!




To buy just the toy sausages & pan please email for price / availablity     


ALL SONG PROPS ARE AVAILABLE WITH EITHER VELCRO OR MAGNETS FOR AN ADDITIONAL COST - Please email pipotter@ayupmeduck.net for details - Thanks!


Any requests for number song props are welcome.